Episerver’s cloud supports Bambora’s global growth.

Founded in 2015, Bambora helps businesses grow — online, in-store, or in-app. The company has grown rapidly since its launch, with 650 employees in offices across Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific. 


  • Scalability supports rapid growth
  • Built-in connector for lead generation
  • Stable solution with 24/7 service

About Bambora

We offer payment solutions for anything from small companies to large enterprises,says Raiha Buchanan, Global Head of Digital at Bambora.

We offer end-to-end payment solutions – from ready-made solutions for ecommerce to in-store and in-app payments – or we can customize a solution for you. With products designed to simplify the payment experience, entrepreneurs finally have a partner they can rely on.

Complex product offering

From the very beginning, Bambora had big ambitions, and it needed a content management system that matched those ambitions. Bambora is a collection of companies located all over the world, with decades of experience in the payments industry. Its customers stretch from Canada to New Zealand.

Episerver’s cloud solution is easy to scale up and down as needed.

Given that we operate in so many regions, and that we have a complex product offering, we needed a CMS solution that was flexible and scalable, Buchanan says. Our CMO has previously worked with Episerver and had a good experience with them. Episerver’s cloud solution is easy to scale up and down as needed, so that was a deciding point for us.

Adding features as they grow

Bambora launched the company’s first website in February 2015, using the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud. The website is used to showcase the company’s product offering, with sections for each region Bambora operates in.

Our mandate for 2017 is to rebrand the remaining sites that we have acquired, and to look at how we can optimize the current site, Buchanan says. We are transitioning our site from being purely informational to one that drives leads for the sales team.

As part of the switch to a lead generation website, Bambora will use Episerver’s built-in connector for Marketo and the platform’s feature for A/B testing.

Good support with 24/7 service

The stability of Episerver’s platform has been huge for us, Buchanan says. The cloud solution includes 24/7 monitoring of the service, and we like that risk is spread throughout the cloud, so we are not dependent on just one server. We get really good support from Episerver.

Buchanan says that she also likes the Episerver Add-on Store. The company is currently using Episerver Find, and plans on looking into other add-ons during the year. 

This website was implemented by Ottoboni

Ottoboni was founded in 2001 and today consists of 84 professionals. Ottoboni is included in Nordic Morning, a leading communication group in the Nordics. 

Altogether 800 talents and 20 nationalities working in 14 companies across Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Ukraine and India.

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