Episerver Campaign

Intelligent omnichannel campaign management

Episerver Campaign enables you to easily manage campaigns across web, mobile, email and text messages. You can connect with customers wherever they are, with messages based on real-time behavior.

Smarter, more effective campaigns

  • Create and automate

    Easily create scheduled or always-on campaigns, automated and personalized across all channels.

  • Send personalized emails

    Automatically send personalized emails and product recommendations triggered by real-time behavior.

  • Get intelligent insights

    Episerver’s AI tracks every visit, click, email and purchase to provide you with valuable customer insights.

What can Episerver Campaign help with?

  • Large-scale campaigns across multiple channels. Coordinate, segment and personalize large volumes of messages.
  • Ecommerce campaigns that drives sales. Plan detailed campaigns, including personalized product recommendations.
  • Triggered individual communication. Create welcome campaigns, reactivate customers, and reduce abandoned shopping carts.
  • Public sector and healthcare messages. Send confirmation and reminder emails and texts with high data security.

Personalized emails at the right time

With Episerver Campaign, you can deliver individualized content and product recommendations in every email. You can also be sure that customers will receive emails exactly when they will be most effective.

For example, if a customer expresses interest in a product or abandons their cart, our tool can automatically send a follow-up email.

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4 steps to simplify customer experience

With all the talk about customer experience today, it’s easy to lose sight of what it really means. What it means is this: when you fail to provide a good experience for your customers, you will lose them and money due to disloyalty.

Learn from our experts how you can provide a better customer experience. We also share how you can easily improve customer experiences using Episerver Digital Experience Cloud.

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