Give them a portal they’ll love

Easily create intranets that make employees better, and extranets that empower business partnerships.

Benefits of using Episerver

  • Integration and interoperability

    The power of any portal comes from its ability to employ applications and aggregate data from third-party sources. Episerver’s integral Digital Experience Hub (DXH™) makes it easy to connect via a comprehensive API to a wealth of front and back-end systems – surrounding them with a powerful digital experience layer.

  • Collaboration

    Episerver is inherently social, with collaboration features built in. And with connection to Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint, your portal users get everything they need – all in one place.

  • Enterprise Search

    Episerver turns search queries into highly relevant results through advanced tagging and faceting technology that crawls and federates across systems to free content, product information and navigation from site structures. This makes it easier for portal users to find what they need fast.

Whether a B2E intranet or a B2B partner or supplier extranet - Episerver makes it useful and productive

The work environment is no longer the digital frontier. Employees have access to higher tech at home than in the workplace, and demand more of their office tools. It’s time to change the way you think about your intranet.

With Episerver, you facilitate collaboration, increase knowledge sharing and productivity, improve communication, and foster a strong company culture. What would that do for your team – and for your organization?

A next-generation portal in the cloud

Modern portals must be architected to extend and scale, but there’s no reason to manage those demands on your middleware all on your own.

Episerver uniquely offers a portal technology as a fully managed cloud service, with guaranteed availability, 365/7/24 monitoring and support, connectivity to Office 365, and secure encryption and authentication.

(And should you want to run it yourself, you can do that, too.)

Features for a successful portal

  • Authoring/Layout

    Episerver boosts your team’s operational efficiency through an advanced authoring interface. Designed to be easy to use, the interface enables you to quickly manage the content layout.

  • Personalization

    Episerver collects and aggregates behavioral data to help you build a clearer picture of your customers. Then it engages them with an optimized individual experience.

One of the world's top ten best intranets

Our global intranet OneSkanska, built on Episerver, is the core of our digital workplace. It has changed the way we work.

Hanna Karppi, Digital Communication Manager, Skanska